I was a Mormon from 1980 until 2009. Miraculously, God opened my eyes to the truth of the gospel of grace on Easter 2009. After discovering the falsity of Mormonism, I have been reaching out to people lost in false religion with the biblical gospel of grace. My husband’s passion for biblical truth, along with an intensive study of the New Testament for a year helped open my eyes. It is the power of His word alone that can deliver every one of us out of darkness and deception. If you want to know the truth, God will deliver you into the true light of an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have a doctorate in theology and a law degree. When I was challenged to defend Mormonism, I could not…it was based on lies. I was convinced through research and evidence that the biblical gospel of grace is true. If you have friends or loved ones deceived by false religion, boldly share the truth about Jesus Christ and His amazing grace with them. It will make an eternal difference.

Shawna Lindsey